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9-21-09 v0.02 coming soon!

Yesterday saw the release of version 0.01z of the New Jonax Kernel. Now that there are no more letters after z, i will be releasing 0.02a soon (hopefully). 0.02 will include keyboard fixes, and a better shell. I'm hoping to finish file system and memory management server before the end of 0.10.
-Jonathan Jao
PS- Happy Hacking :)

Posted by Jonathan 2009-09-21

v0.01b, 0.01c, 0.01d released!

v0.01b, 0.01c, and 0.01d have been released and are available for download! These are old versions of the kernel but I (Jonathan Jao) felt that I should upload something so ppl can see what i'm working on. These "packages" compile only on windows (sorry unix users:) I've already got a makefile so it will included with the next version (0.01x). -Jonathan F. Jao

Posted by Jonathan 2009-09-14