#2 Nevernote install issue for Windows XP Pro SP3


Tried to install Nevernote on a Windows XP Pro SP3 laptop, and when attempting to execute the NeverNote.bat file (or program icon) I received the message (in a pop-up window) "Could not find the main-class. Program will exit!". The header on the pop-up window indicates Java Virtual Machine Launcher.

When checkint he java version on the laptop, the response is: Java version "1.3.1_01". Not sure where this is being picked up from, but under Control Panel, Java version indicates "1.6.0_21".

Where is the JVM version being picked up from?

As an aside: I also had Nevernote installed on a Win7Pro HP laptop, again with the latest version of Java, and it too crashes at startup when clicking on the Nevernote java program (same failure on JVM). Just strange that the Windows component is consistently failing.

Would like to make sure it works on Windows before switching over to Linux for cross-platform use.



  • Randy Baumgarte

    Randy Baumgarte - 2011-03-09

    The first thing to try is to do is to open a command prompt and type java -version. It will tell you the java that is in the command path. For example, mine on Windows is

    java version "1.6.0_23"
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_23-b05)
    Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (build 19.0-b09, mixed mode, sharing)

    If it still says Java 1.3, then you have that version as your default in your path. You either need to modify the path or modify nevernote.bat to point directly to the 1.6 JVM. I recommend modifying the path if you can since since you would need to modify nevernote.bat on every upgrade.

    If either of these are 64 bit machines, then there may be a problem wit the nevernote.bat file pointing to the proper Jambi libraries. If this is the case, please let me know and I can help debug it.

    As an aside, you don't need to use NeverNote on Windows to use NeverNote on Linux. The two talk through Evernote's servers so you could use Evernote's client on one system and NeverNote on another. There is no direct client to client communication.

  • Maurice Simeoni

    Maurice Simeoni - 2011-03-09

    That's what I had attempted in the past (last night and today). I opened a Command Prompt (XP Pro 32-bit), and executed to failure. When I initially entered the "java -version" command the 1.6 version was listed. After I ran the nevernote.bat file the same command came back and indicated 1.3 Java version. After closing and restarting the MS-DOS prompt the version reset to 1.6. This is telling me that the batch file is picking up the older JVM version somewhere in its flow.

    I can certainly try to modify the BAT file to hardcode the Java version on my system. Where?

    BTW: The other laptop is Win7 Pro 64-bit (dual core). I also will be installing Nevernote on Mandriva and OpenSuse 11.3. If these will all auto-sync, then bonus!

  • Maurice Simeoni

    Maurice Simeoni - 2011-03-10
    • status: open --> closed
  • Maurice Simeoni

    Maurice Simeoni - 2011-03-10

    Will try the software at a later time.

  • Randy Baumgarte

    Randy Baumgarte - 2011-03-10

    That is truly strange. I have it running on XP3, so I know it SHOULD work and I'm not modifying the PATH in the batch file.

    The nevernote.bat file is in C:\Program Files\nevernote\nevernote.bat. At the end you'll see a start java command. I'd modify it to remove the start command and hard code the java path (after you make a backup).

    I would also do a search for java.exe and see if there is a 1.3 version floating around.

    The 64 bit may be getting a problem with the jar files. Check that in the c:\program files\nevernote\lib directory there are the 64 bit versions of the qt files (it will say 64 in the name). If you are using a 64 bit jvm you'll need to use them and not the 32 bit. One person reported that there was an error and the packager was putting the wrong ones in there. If this is the case I can point you to the proper versions.


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