Hi Everyone,

I've uploaded another NixNote 2 alpha to SourceForge for anyone who is interested.  I've only released the 64 bit version since this is still at an alpha stage.  Please feel free to test it but be aware that it is an alpha product, so you may experience odd behavior at times and you may be asked to delete everything when the next alpha/beta version comes out so don't put anything in NixNote that you can't afford to delete (or you can enable uploads & synchronize them if you want).

What to expect

It should be usable as a client for basic use.  For the most part it has been fairly stable but it may crash at odd times.  Everything is stored in the ~/.nixnote directory and it doesn't share anything with the old NixNote (which stores most things in ~/.nevernote), so you can run both at the same time.  

By default uploads are disabled in this release.  This is done on purpose to protect your data.  I haven't had a loss of data in a while I can't say I'm the heaviest of power users.  It is stable enough that I've stopped using the old NixNote and am using this alpha full time.  If you want to experiment with uploads, you can enable uploads under the  Edit/Preferences Debug tab.  This will allow for you to only upload to notebooks you own (shared notebook uploads don't work yet).  

What has changed
  • Lots and lots of bug fixes.
  • Numerous synchronization changes.  Hopefully it won't crash or go into endless loops as often.  You can also set it up to synchronize on shutdown, startup, and automatically at intervals.
  • Complex notes should now layout & save properly.  I've viewed & edited some notes that gave the old NixNote absolute fits and they look correct under NixNote 2.  If you find a note where it looks completely different than Evernote, I'd appreciate it if you'd contact me to help debug it.
  • You can now change date & time display formats.  If there is a format you want that isn't available please let me know and I'll add it.
  • When searching for text, the recognition data should now highlight properly in an image.
  • Drag & drop should work similar to the old NixNote (although hopefully more reliably)
  • Attachments should launch when you click them and you should be able to edit & save them.
  • Basic support for reminders.  You can see the reminder times in the note list, but they are only for viewing and don't actually do anything but you can sort on those columns.

Things that are broken or are not yet implemented

Things that work, but you should be careful using.

Import folders should work, but be aware that their behavior is different than the Evernote's.  When NixNote starts it will automatically import and delete anything in a folder that is set for import/delete.  Folders that are import/keep are not imported until something in them is changed while NixNote is running.  The import/delete behavior is the same as the old NixNote except for the "include subdirectories" option.  With this option enabled it will scan every subdirectory and will import and delete anything it finds, so setting an import/delete folder of root will cause it to recursively delete everything in your root directory. Honestly, I wouldn't use import/delete with subfolders unless you are sure the import/delete itself works properly.  It "should" work, but bugs happen.

There is a screen capture utility but it will only work with some systems.  Some window managers just give you a big black box.  If this happens, I don't think there is anything I can do. You can only use the tray icon if your system supports system tray icons AND you have it enabled in Edit/Preferences you should see an icon for NixNote in the system tray.  Left clicking on it will bring up the menu and you can select "Screen Capture".  There are no shortcuts for anything in the system tray since (as far as I can tell) Qt doesn't support system wide hotkeys.  The minimize to tray & close to tray are very problematic on some window managers.

To Use NixNote 2

Thanks for testing & have fun!  Please report bugs and/or feedback on the user forums and please be sure to indicate that this is for the NixNote 2 alpha so I don't get confused which product you are talking about.