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#160 v2.0 does not work well with a Dark/high contrast desktop theme.

v1.0 (example)

Testing with V2.0, I use a dark/high contrast theme on ubuntu, and the main notes window has the theme default background, but the text does not. Which makes the note default to black on black. Can i suggest detecting a black background and acting appropriately? or have some kind of themes?


  • Chris

    Chris - 2014-11-02

    As a Linux/OS X/Windows user, I was looking to find the best way to take notes w/ highlighting cross-platform, and I'm not big on having to open my browser to get to my notes. I thought Nixnote would solve this problem for me, but I'm a dark theme user, so I guess not. Disappointing!

    EDIT: this newer post has a workaround in it:

    So, I just changed black to white in /usr/share/nixnote2/qss/editor.css

    Last edit: Chris 2014-11-02
  • Randy Baumgarte

    Randy Baumgarte - 2015-12-05

    The next beta will have the ability to specify a default editor font color & background color via the theme.ini file.

  • Randy Baumgarte

    Randy Baumgarte - 2015-12-05
    • status: open --> closed

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