i dont know if this is what Nathaniel is talking about, but on my old palm it had the option of plugging in a power adapter to the usb cable.  i found this picture - http://sorune.com/usb_charger.png - where i circled, there is a little hole where you could plug in a wall adapter to get a better charge.  could this work for the n3?


On 10/5/05, Nathaniel Kondrick <werewolf21@gmail.com> wrote:
I ment to send this to the whole list earlier but accidentally only sent it to one person.

Has the idea come up yet of having a single plug, on the N3 with two wires coming out of it, one would plug into USB, the other into a wall socket?  I realize that this might seem annoying as a concept, but I do have a couple of smaller devices that do this.  Notably, my Sony Clie.  This should use less space on the neuros than having two plugs and would not require the USB to pump out a full 500mA.  This would also allow the neuros to charge without the computer being on and even be able to charge without a computer at all without an additional power adapter.