I am not sure how Rockbox guys are going to handle the development tools part, it is not USB specific. But since the DSP core is not going to be used in Rockbox approach, any ARM tool set will work.

From: Joe Born
Sent: Mon 10/3/2005 3:40 PM
To: Michael Gao; Daniel Stenberg
Subject: Implementing Rockbox on N3

Michael, in conjunction with the below and the conversation we just had, can we discuss how the Rockbox folks would implement on this hardware without CCS, obviously a proprietary, not to mention expensive, piece of software like that is going to be a deal breaker, how would this work?


[MG] USB <=> file system should have nothing to do with U-Boot itself. Actually USB will not touch the file system at all, for MSC, all USB needs is sector read/write. Thus porting MSC to Rockbox should be straight forward, of course, here I am assuming U-Boot MSC is complete and functional and with no embedded OS code there.