I thought it would be a good idea to post my concept sketch of the 442 architecture diagram for all to see.  This is just a draft and hasn't even been circulated yet (think of it as an open internal memo) but I thought it would spur discussion, and we want your comments.  Gao, please review and correct if I've gotten it wrong.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is for the 442 not the N3 and certainly not the N3 with Rockbox.  In fact, part of the reason that I wanted it up there is that I believe I'm one of the very few people that actually uses both the Neuros2 and the Archos Rockbox, so I'm not sure people realize how many differences there are between those two devices let alone the 442 and the N3, I'm not saying better or worse, just different and a ton of issues are raised by those differences. 

Further as we raise a bunch of issues on how the projects will get managed, linked, what licenses will be used, we'll need to have a mental picture of this.  Again, I recognize that the N3 is front and center of most folks minds, but our internal development will be on the 442-320 first, so this is the first thing we have to get resolved.

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