If you could answer on the list, I think a number of folks are interested in the below.
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From: Michael Gao
Sent: Monday, September 26, 2005 12:33 PM
To: Bob Faskos; Joe Born
Subject: RE: New drop of schematics

I have a couple of questions, at this point, I only concern what will be actually available in next version 442,
1. USB Device Interface
a) In your Spec, you said "The DM320 will mediate and arbitrate all data transfers to and from the USB bus...", does this mean a device driver (MSC for example) is needed on DM320? I thought USB is a complete HW solution, SW USB driver will be a schedule killer unless we have some solid ref code.
b) Will USB be able to power up the device?
c) Will USB be able to charge the device?
2. Vedio/Audio interface
Other than using a different Audio ADC/DAC, are we changing data path compared to Ingenient's ref design? I am wondering how much low level code can be reused.