CreativeMF - 2012-10-30


I trained a MLP network on studio, when i set the input on the studio test, the results are correct.

When i put de code in my project and get the output with the same test i used on studio, the results are totally different.

I read a lot of examples and the use seems correct:

The code used is:

_NeuralNetwork network = NeuralNetwork.load("/Users/NetBeansProjects/RNA/Neural Networks/NewNeuralNetwork1.nnet");



networkOutput = network.getOutput();


out1 = networkOutput;

out2 = networkOutput;

out3 = networkOutput;

out4 = networkOutput;_

The output for de input used in the example should be 0,9987; 0,0028; 0; 0; like appear in the studio when I make the test. The result with the same input on the project is 0.605;0.738;0.59756;0.60243 completely wrong.

Is any solution for this?