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GCC 4.6.2 and Changes in directory structure

A Toolchain with GCC 4.6.2 is in preparation.

The following changes have been additionally done:
- Binary version will only be available as EABI version. An arm-elf toolchain must be built from the sources.
- Thumb2 (ARMV7 only) has been added
- Directory structure of the libraries was changed for better overview. Differentiation of ARM926EJ-S and 966E-S is not necessary as they both use ARMV5TE command set.
Directory structure is now as follows:
- lib (Default - ARM Mode)
- lib\v5te (ARMV5TE - ARM Mode)
- lib\thumb (Default - Thumb Mode)
- lib\thumb\v5te (ARMV5TE - Thumb Mode)
- lib\thumb\thumb2 (ARMV7 - Thumb2 Mode)

Posted by Guru 2011-12-03

Possible compile Errors in Toolchains

It is not clear if the newlib contained in
* GCC 4.5.1-netx.0
* GCC-4.4.5-netx.0
* GCC-4.0.4-netx.0

was compiled with optimization enabled. Possibly they were compiled with -O1 switch. In the next days and update will be released as
* GCC-4.5.2-netx.0
* GCC-4.4.5-netx.1
* GCC-4.0.4-netx.1

This update will include newlib-1.19.0. Note that GCC-4.5.1 is not actual anymore and was not fixed, so please update to GCC-4.5.2... read more

Posted by Guru 2010-12-22

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