#56 Add "Shells" tab to display text from rsh, telnet, ftp etc.


Text shell sessions from various protocols could be displayed under a tab named "Shells". The view should display a list of shell sessions (rsh, telnet, ftp etc) with client, server, timestamp etc. The text from the selected session should be displayed in a textbox.


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    This could be generalized into a tab called "Sessions". This tab would contain a list with all TCP sessions (i.e. not just shell sessions).

    When a session is selected the data from the session will be displayed in a textbox (pretty much like the result of "follow TCP stream" does in WireShark). It could also be a good idea to allow the user to filter out either one of the directions (i.e just display text from server or client).

  • Erik Hjelmvik

    Erik Hjelmvik - 2009-01-28

    Add several different ways of viewing the data in a session. One way could be to show the data in a WebBrowser (if it is a HTTP session). Clear-text sessions (like shells) should however be defaulted to a simple text-view.


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