Commandline options

OA Sec
  • OA Sec

    OA Sec - 2009-09-22

    Have you thought about adding the availability of running from a command line, also how about running it as a hidden process?

  • Erik Hjelmvik

    Erik Hjelmvik - 2009-09-22

    can be run from the command line already today. You can use the command line arguments to specify which pcap file(s) you wish to load. For example:
    `NetworkMiner.exe dumpfile1.pcap dumpfile2.pcap`

    But I guess you mean that you wanna run NetworkMiner as a console application rather than as a Windows Forms Application. This is not possible to do with NetworkMiner, and I will probably not implement such a feature either since I don’t see any point in it.

    Running NetworkMiner as a hidden process? Why would I do that? Remember, NetworkMiner is NOT a hacker tool – it’s a  designed to help catch and convict hackers!


  • OA Sec

    OA Sec - 2009-09-22

    That's what I need it for. Can you repond directly to the email listed on my account and I can explain the usage to you.

  • d1ss

    d1ss - 2009-11-20

    How about console for the purpose of automating extraction of all files in the pcap controlled by an external script (Windows or Linux)?

    Thanks - great app


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