DNS Query

  • jon

    jon - 2008-07-14


    This project is really awesome. I just wander if I can get the DNS queries from a pcap file. I'm not that adept to c# programming so can you add a DNS query tab?



    • Erik Hjelmvik

      Erik Hjelmvik - 2008-07-14

      Hi Jon,

      I've got a feature request on a similar topic at:

      But I guess I could give this some higher priority that it is currently having. Providing a tab showing a table of all DNS queries would be very simple to do. The primary reason I haven't done it is because I wasn't sure if this was a functionality people were interrested in, and I dont wanna bloat the GUI with tabs that aren't used.

      Could you please add some comment at the feature request link provided above regarding what information you would like to see in a table of DNS queries? One simple suggestions for columns are: Frame nr, Source Host, Destination Host, Queried Hostname


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