Running in mono (linux)

  • SirS

    SirS - 2009-08-20

    I dont have a windows box right now but I managed to compile the source in mono. It was just the windows paths screwing things up so I'd suggest to change all the hardcoded "//" to Path.DirectorySeparatorChar. And the live sniffing doesnt work either (not able to choose an adapter), but I havent looked into to that yet..
    Thanks for a nice little app :)

    • Erik Hjelmvik

      Erik Hjelmvik - 2009-08-20

      I'm happy to hear that you managed to compile the source in momo!
      Last time I tried doing so (which was a while ago) mono wasn't even close to managing all that was needed.

      Running NetworkMiner in Linux (or Mac) with mono is defintely better than the present solution, which includes using Wine:

      I will have to look at this when I have time!


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