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network-config v0.2 released

Changelog :

- second release
- added scrollbar in the main window
- fixed many bugs
- added "run script at the end from main preferences and for each
- saves the window size
- don't show wifi networks with no name
- "Config" and "Appearance" swapped
- bigger entries (in Main->Preferences for example)
- small bugs still remain

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2008-04-07

network-config v0.1 released

Network-config is a simple and easy to use program that helps configuring the network interfaces for linux-based operating systems. It allows to have multiple configurations for the same computer and to easy configure NAT for internet sharing. It can also be used to scan for wireless networks. It is written in perl and uses gtk2+, but also works as a command line program.

You can see the main page here :

Posted by Munteanu Alexandru 2006-08-06