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A word about the releases...

There's absolutely no sense in downloading an older version than the current one. Since foundation is in its alpha status there are no betas to be released between the "official" releases and the newest version is most likely the most stable and feature ritchest of them all :)

Posted by Jonas Luster 2000-09-07

0.4a released

Released 0.4a kinda in a hurry to get Staun who's volunteered to help out to have a look at it. 0.4a is far from being a useable product, if you're looking for something to install and use, well, I guess there's better PHP based solutions out there.

Still some subroutines are just dummies and I've not take care of redundant or broken code a lot, that should all be fixed in 0.5 which will then be the first DR. A general roadmap will be availiable on the homepage soon.

Posted by Jonas Luster 2000-09-06

Getting to it...

Yeah, well we're slowly getting there. 0.1 is in the works and, surely, that will be the first one to be seen here as a tgz. Right now I am just too ashamed of my bad coding style to actually put it up here :)

Posted by Jonas Luster 2000-09-04