#15 Can't find rootfs+nix thins in general

jago pearce

I followed the README.
Cutting back on all feature gets the distro on a single

The steps were fortunately quite simple:-

- haven't got superformat, i think that's a slackware
thing? so did "fdformat /dev/fd0H1722"

- then "mkfs.msdos /dev/fd0 &&
mount /dev/fd0 /mnt/floppy -t msdos"

- and tried to:
- "cp syslinux/ -r /mnt/floppy/" (boot stuff)
- "cp kernel/vmlinuz /mnt/floppy"
- "cp initrd /mnt/floppy"

Of course at this point initrd was 4.4mb and so didn't fit.
I cut back on every feature making it useful so ~800kb.

I then did
"syslinux /dev/fd0"

Rumour has it syslinux makes a boot disk from an
msdos formatted disk. (my guess - no man page)

When I rebooted I got:

"could not find kernel image: linux"

so I typed in:


like it should have been. The kernel then loads.

But then the kernel can't find the root filesystem:

"Kernel panic: VFS: Can't find root fs on 03:01"

Not sure what to do about this :/ Or where I've gone

I have a 128mb flash usb card that I have working on
linux, I'm hoping I can use this to have the OS on. I also
have a kernel that supports this usb device but can't
seem to get it to boot.

At the moment it's an abolute mission to get Netstation
to work if you don't understand it. If I can get it working
with floppies I can easily do dd and offer them for
downoad premade. But can we get vnc / X or
WinTerminalClient on a floppy?

I know "floppyx" managed to get X onto a floppy (or 2)
but it has disappeared off the face of the earth! :( If only
someone had a copy on a quiet ftp or could dd me a
copy from thier floppy collection... :/ I was REALLY
disappointed to see that it has disappeared off the 'Net! :(

LODS doesn't support my network card. LTSP.org is
proving hard to setup, especially tftp on Gentoo.

What would be perfect would be having netstation on >1
disks ; being able to have X / VNC / etc on seporate
disks, using just one for boot.


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