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.NET OAI Harvester / News: Recent posts

New .NET OAI Harvester Library: 1.0.1781.41936

Thanks go to Frank McCown from Old Dominion University for providing the enhancements noted below. In general, these changes allow access to additional data in the OAI request.

/// November 5, 2004
/// Changes by Frank McCown - Old Dominion University
/// 1) Allowed access to request URL when accessing OAI repository.
/// 2) Allowed access to raw XML response.
/// 3) Fixed access with resumption token in ListRecords().
/// 4) Added new ListRecords constructor.
/// 5) Made DC metadata extraction more robust.
/// 6) Spead up XML parsing in some contexts.
/// =============================================================================

Posted by Terry Reese 2004-11-17

.NET OAI Harvester version: 1.0.1751.19514

New version of the .NET OAI Harvester and examples have been uploaded 2004-10-17. It corrects some problems that have been occurring while processing Dspace's OAI.

Posted by Terry Reese 2004-10-17