Stephan Lanser - 2013-07-19


I'm trying to start working with netgen the last days and it seems to be a very useful tool.
At first the given information from this page and the included documentation were very helpful, but now I'm facing some problems. I would be very glad If somebody could help me:

  1. I want to use netgen/ngsolve to do some electromagnetic simulations. The CAD-files were built in Inventor and could be exported as .stp or .igs. So my first question is: when I like to do some calculations on a simple air-coil geometry for example, whats the best way to modelize the free space around the coil? I'm not talking about the shape of this space, but my only idea is to create for example a cylinder in inventor and put it over the whole coil. But then, the volume of the cylinder and the volume of the coil overlap. Is this a problem for netgen? And how is it possible to switch this outer volume (the freespace) to transparent, so the inner coil can be seen.

  2. After the geometry is meshed, I wanted to edit the boundary conditions. So I choose "show filled triangles" and then "edit Boundary Conditions". But now I'm only able to see the surface of the outer volume (the freespace), when the chosen part is turning red. So I'm not able to choose BCs for the coil. Is their anything I'm missing?

  3. In another thread, Professor Schöberl talked about the possibility to add surface information to an Step- or Iges-File by coloring? Is their any information about this available?

Thanks for your help and kind regads from Austria



PS: I've used Netgen-5.0.0_Win32.exe for the installation.

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