Dirk Müter - 2014-01-07

Hi there,
I've been using Netgen to mesh an imported STL file of tomographic data of porous rocks. For small file sizes (STL ASCII <100 Mb) everything works fine and the resulting mesh can easily be exported to other software. Above 100 Mb, or I guess a certain number of triangles, Netgen crashes. In the command line window an error message "hash table is not fitting" is displayed over and over until the program finally crashes. So far I have tried:
- 32/64 bit both on Windows 7 (64bit) and Linux (64bit)
- different STL files but all for the same kind of sample
- Remeshing with MeshLab before importing
- different versions of NetGen, all the possible settings in "meshing options"
- different computers (incl. an 8-core machine with about 100Gb RAM)

The crash itself occurs somewhere during "surface meshing", sometimes showing a percentage of more than 100% in the status bar.

I suppose there is an internal limit somewhere in the code that I am not aware of how to change.

I would be grateful if someone could help me on this problem.

P.S.: The Tetgen algorithm is able to mesh the same files, yet the resulting mesh is not as good as what I normally get from Netgen.