failed to compile using MS .net 2005

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Dear Netgen experts:

    I tried to compile the windows version using .net 2005 Prof edition, but, failed with 5 errors, but, it looks like they are related.  The typical error message is:
    ..\libsrc\occ\Partition_Spliter.cxx(39) : fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'utilities.h': No such file or directory.

    Any suggestion?



    • Philippose Rajan

      Hello Pei,

      Good Evening to you!!

      Now thats a very interesting error.... in that.... I compile Netgen on Microsoft C++ 2008 Express Edition, and have also tried on MSVC++ 2005 Express Edition, without any issues....

      A quick question.... I assume you are building with OpenCascade Support right? And I assume you have removed the "MSVC_EXPRESS" define variable from the pre-processor?

      The file "utilities.h" is present in the same folder as the ".cxx" file... namely:


      Could you send me a dump of all the 5 errors as it appears in the Build Output window?

      I shall look into this....!

      Have a great day!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi, Philippose,

      I am using MSVC Prof edition. I am actually not very familiar with MSVC.  I thought this will be simply reading the project file and compile it. 

      Yes, I am trying to compile with OpenCASCADE support.  How to remove "MSVC_EXPRESS" define variable from the pre-processor?


    • Philippose Rajan

      Hello again Pei,

      I am sorry.... I am not able to reproduce the problem using MSVC++ 2005 Express.... everything seems to work perfectly fine....

      You are using the "netgen_MSVC2005.sln" file right??

      To remove the "MSVC_EXPRESS" define, follow these steps:

      1. Make the active build configuration "Release(OCC)" using the drop-down menu on the main tool bar
      2. Right click on the project "netgen"
      3. Go to "Properties" - Last option in the menu
      4. Under "Configuration Properties", go to the "C/C++" option
      5. Under "C/C++", go to "Preprocessor"
      6. In the window on the right, the first option you have is "Preprocessor Definitions"
      7. In that list, remove "MSVC_EXPRESS"

      8. Accept the change, close the window
      9. Go to the "Build" menu option, and click on "Build Solution"

      10. That should be all there is to it.....

      No other changes should be required....

      If you still get the error, let me know.... and we can see how we can solve it :-)!

      Have a nice weekend!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi, Philippose,

      I found out the source of the problem. on does not have utilities.h under libsrc\occ directory.

      I checked out the latest source code (4.9.7-dev) from svn.  It has the utilities.h and everything compiled successfully.


    • Philippose Rajan

      Hello Pei :-)

      If only you could hear my sigh of relief :-)! I have been racking my brain about what the difference could be between the Professional and the Express Editions....!!

      I shall let Joachim (the primary developer and admin of the project) know of the issue with the missing file in the ZIP Archive....

      So... as you may have seen... we have two more forums now... one for bugs and another for feature requests :-)! Make full use of them :-)!

      One question..... do you think you will have any use for a library version of the features of Netgen? As in.... the meshing and geometry handling core functionality which you can call from another program?

      I have been tossing around the idea of some form of integration between Netgen and OpenFOAM.... say for example... for local mesh re-optimisation.... or a simpler tool-chain....from CAD to OpenFOAM via Netgen...etc...etc...

      Do you have any thoughts about this?

      Have a great weekend!


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi, Philippose,

      Thanks a lot for your help!

      Yes, I believe that a library version of netgen will be very helpful, especially for fluid/structure interaction type of project and dynamic meshing type of project.  I do a lot of free-surface flow simulation.  It will also be very helpful to dynamically refine the free surface regions.

      I also use ELMER for some cases.  A library version will be great for both ELMER and OpenFOAM.

      Have a good weekend to you too!



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