using nginterface functions on linux

burak er
  • burak er

    burak er - 2013-10-29


    I want to use nginterface functions of netgen from my program but I could'nt be able to do it working. My os is debian squeeze, and I have installed Netgen and nglib from repositories.

    When I try to use for example Ng_LoadMesh() function in nginterface.h and link my program to all netgen shared libraries on opt directory, I get compilation errors as no symbol found. Since nglib.h interface does not suite my needs, I am looking forward to use nginterface.h functions. How can I achieve that?

    Thank you in advance.

    Burak ER

  • burak er

    burak er - 2013-10-31

    I have solved this problem.

    First of all; Netgen core libraries defines so many external variables and functions with the keyword extern. Thus, one must define the extern functions and variables or let ng folder to define them to use the core functions, otherwise, you get many undefined symbols.

    The problem is solved with the steps below and using netgen cmake version(

    I have let ng folder sources to define these extern functions and variables then compile it also as a shared library. Therefore, by linking all the shared libraries that are build with my application, I am now able to call any netgen functions within my application.

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