Add a Specific Point

  • Erik Thorson

    Erik Thorson - 2011-07-08

    I am using the occ extension of netgen and i have not been able to add a point to the mesh. I have tried calling Ng_AddPoint() but after calling  Ng_OCC_GenerateSurfaceMesh() the point i added does not appear in the resulting mesh. Is there any way of doing this?

    Thank you
    Erik Thorson

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I think you should add the point after generating the mesh so it doesn't get overwritten. Ng_AddPoint seems like it should add a mesh node, not a CAD-style point or vertex.

  • Erik Thorson

    Erik Thorson - 2011-07-08

    I need to have it included in the mesh when it is generated as a node in the triangulation. Will simply adding a point using Nb_AddPoint be able to do this after calling Ng_OCC_GenerateSurfaceMesh()? Is there any way of doing this at all?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm pretty sure Ng_AddPoint isn't that sophisticated, and it just blindly puts a point in.

    You should be able to do it by putting a vertex there in the CAD model. Though it might need edges leading to it, which would also be retained in the mesh and would usually lead to a finer mesh around the edges.

  • Erik Thorson

    Erik Thorson - 2011-07-10

    Yes that is what i figured. I would like to avoid that though.
    Any idea of where i could go in the code to add this functionality?


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