volume mesh from quad-dominated surface mesh

  • Martin Ortbauer

    Martin Ortbauer - 2014-08-07

    I just recently started to use netgen directly to create a volume mesh from a surface mesh, which works great if my surface mesh consists of triangles only. But I fails with stating that the mesh is inconsistent if use a quad-dominated surface mesh. So my question is, is it possible to generate a volume mesh with Ng_GenerateVolumeMesh from a quad dominated surface mesh? and if, do you have an idea what the problem could be??

    It is probably also important to say that I create the surface mesh with salome, which actually itself utilizes netgen and actually can produce a quad dominated volume mesh, but i need some intermediate step thats why i would like to use Ng_GenerateVolumeMesh directly.

  • Joachim Schoeberl

    the volume mesher needs a triangular mesh.

    you can generate prisms (and hexes) only for special purpose such as thin (boundary) layers.



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