Seren Soner - 2013-12-02

Dear all,

We are trying to use Netgen mesher to generate the volume mesh of some submesh of surface meshes. I.e., what we are trying to do is,

  1. build surface mesh from the geometry
  2. divide the mesh into submeshes using metis
  3. generate the volume mesh of these submeshes.

This procedure works fine, but in some submeshes, we encounter a "Segmentation fault" problem.

We also realized that during the generation of these volume meshes, we encounter 'BFGS update error2' messages, and sometimes 'OJE OJE OJE' messages.

I have tried generating the volume submesh of the surface mesh in Netgen 4.9.11 and Netgen 5.1, in both Linux and Windows.

Here, you may find a sample submesh that results in a segmentation fault when we try to generate the volume mesh.

Best regards,
Seren Soner

P.S. This message was posted in help section but I thought it would be better to post in here.