5.0.0 install problem, 'Ng_STLDoctor'

Wei Leng
  • Wei Leng

    Wei Leng - 2013-01-06

    Dear all,

    First, thanks for the hard work of the aurthors in the last year.

    I am using the new version 5.0.0.
    The code still has some problem.

    After complilation, running ./ng/netgen gives

    Error in Tcl-Script:
    result = invalid command name "Ng_STLDoctor"

    This is due to lack of subroutines Ng_STLDoctor and Ng_SetVisParameters
    in file ./ng/ngpkg.cpp.
    I wrote two dummy functions in that file, and the main program could go on.

    I don't know whether there are more problems, maybe it's safer to stay with
    the earlier version.


  • Wei Leng

    Wei Leng - 2013-01-06

    Actually there are more problems, e.g. OCC found but fail to support.

  • Joachim Schoeberl

    Hi Wei,

    thank you for the report.

    did you also install (via 'make install') netgen 5.0.0 ?

    It looks like that the environment variable NETGENDIR points to the older netgen, and the old (4.9.13) Tcl files are read from there.
    If you don't want to install netgen 5.0.0, you can also set NETGENDIR to the source-directory  ( …./netgen-5.0.0/ng  )

    You can get more debug output via 'netgen -V'



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