Papers on Netgen ?

  • Roman Lygin

    Roman Lygin - 2011-07-26

    Hello all,

    Are there papers available on Netgen ? I read one "NETGEN An advancing front 2D/3D-mesh generator based on abstract rules" by Joachim Schoeberl dated 1997.
    I am currently going line by line with the debugger and though I got the overall logic, it would still be helpful to understand the architecture and details.

    Any hints would be much appreciated.

  • duhui

    duhui - 2013-01-03

    As far as I know ,the paper about it it very rare.Even the author does not have a detailed document about the algorithm about it.I have ever written to him,in his reply he said that all the hints are in the programme.It is miserable for a developper who want to work on the basis of NETGEN.


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