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Project Closed

After trying to work around the various bugs in the framework we gave up. Plus the fact that there are now lots of form editors based on the one in the .Net framework so this one is not necessary.


Posted by FruitBat 2003-09-12

Everett Smerverett!

They weren't fixed in everett. Not sure what to do now! The designer works, but has a few redraw problems (Controls don't always repaint properly).

Any ideas?

Posted by FruitBat 2003-04-04

Project Quiet at the moment

Sorry it's been a bit quiet. We have a Beta available and if I could figuire out CVS i'd upload it. We have found a few bugs in the .Net framework that are preventing us from finishing the product.
We are holding out for microsoft to fix them, they are on their to-do list and should be fixed in everett.

Posted by FruitBat 2003-03-28

Contact Me via this email...

If your one of the people who have emailed me and not had a response please use the following email. Messages sent through sourceforge do not seem to work :(


Posted by FruitBat 2003-02-05

I'm starting to hate .Net :(

Net is beginning to annoy me. I've got all the functionalty I require in the designer but Net keeps throwing little gotchas at me.

1. Change a subclassed textbox borderstyle and the control gets a new handle !!!!
2. Subclassed controls throw 2 events for a pop up menu.
3. Subclassed controls do not pass events down the chain to child controls.

After weeks of messing around I feel like giving up.

Posted by FruitBat 2003-01-30

Redesign means more reliability

I have redesigned the way the designer captures controls and this has done away with the bugs from the earlier method :-)

Posted by FruitBat 2003-01-23

Arghh.. Can't email developers...

If kalecser or Niko read this, I'm sorry for not getting back to you but sourceforge keeps bouncing my mail back :-(
Can you leave a message in the forums and I'll get you that way.

Posted by FruitBat 2003-01-23

Uploaded Demo Code

I've uploaded the basic code for the project. The demo shows the basics of the control, including the problems :-)
Please play with the demo and contact me when you have a query.

Posted by FruitBat 2003-01-09

Uploaded Design Document

I've uploaded the basic design document explaining the basics for the system. It's vague because I'm waiting for input.

Posted by FruitBat 2003-01-09

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