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  • Neil Williams

    Neil Williams - 2004-03-04

    Several people (me included) have experienced a problem with SK 0.33 on KDE 3.2 where it always stays on top of other windows. The normal solution is to recompile the app commenting out a line in the Karamba.CPP file first.

    I had problems doing that and eventually gave (kept getting loads of errors)  As an experiment yesterday I tried installing 0.32 - and guess what, it works fine!!  Slight problem with the Liquid Weather theme and its fonts but that is the only problem I've had so far.  Made up I can get the app back up and running acceptably and all my themes back up and working.

    Hope this helps others


    • karnivore

      karnivore - 2004-03-05

      I have exactly the same problem - It always stays on top of other windows!

      Can you be more specific, which line should be commented out?

    • Anonymous - 2004-03-05

      Open the file src/karamba.cpp and comment the line

      KWin::setType(winId(), NET::Dock);

      Works fine on KDE 3.2. But the other problem of KDE 3.2 is that some very nice themes are not transferrable from KDE 3.1 :(

      • Juho Routakorpi

        Juho Routakorpi - 2004-03-06

        That didn't work for me. I had to change the line (2246) to:

             KWin::setType(winId(), NET::Normal);

        All the themes I used before work fine :) All of them custom-made.

        • Anonymous - 2004-03-28

          That one worked for me, routsikka, thanks!

        • Anonymous - 2004-04-03

          routsikka That will work, But a more apropriate fix would be to add the following line after line (2246).

          KWin::setState(winId(), NET::KeepBelow);

          The resulting code would look like.

          KWin::setType(winId(), NET::Dock);
          KWin::setState(winId(), NET::KeepBelow);

          I'll send an e-mail to the project leader recomending the fix.

    • trey

      trey - 2004-03-11

      I just upgraded to KDE 3.2 and got the same problem with SK 0.33. However, I was going to recompile it per your advice but got the following error. ./configure runs fine without a hitch, but almost all the way through the make process I get:

      usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lart_lgpl_2

      And it exits with Error Type 2. Any suggestions?

      The RPMs install find, but like you said. SK .32 has the font problem with liquid weather and SK .33 has the Always on Top problem.

    • Gilles Leblanc

      Gilles Leblanc - 2004-03-16

      Is another version planned that would address these problems ?

    • M. Ignacio Monge García

      I just guess if SK is still alive.

    • Anonymous - 2004-04-03

      After weeks of digging, I finally came across this forum and read almost every articale when I stumbled across this one . .

      After d/ling Python2.3 and installing it from source, making the changes in karamba.cpp
      ( see Juho Routakorpi - routsikka post above ),
      It works!!!

      I am totally bald now, thanks SuperKaramba . .

    • Neil Williams

      Neil Williams - 2004-04-03

      I have now found an RPM source that has the modified files already packaged if anyone wants it



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