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#64 Addition of Wireshark abbreviations for OUI manufacturers

Feature (13)
J R Binks

The attached patchset will make modifications to add an 'abbrev' field to the oui table for each entry. The field is populated via netdisco -O fetching a copy of the OUI abbreviations used in the WIreshark project.

Note that I had to create an upgrade-1.1-to-1.2.sql file for the database modification. Perhaps the next upgrade-x.xx file should be created by routine after a release has been made.

I have a use for this, to follow later (maybe if this is received favourably!)

This is my first time with git, it was an experience, so please be gentle if it's a bit rough around the edges!


  • Eric A. Miller

    Eric A. Miller - 2014-01-04

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  • Eric A. Miller

    Eric A. Miller - 2014-01-04
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  • Eric A. Miller

    Eric A. Miller - 2014-01-11

    This has been committed here. They have changed the file and format since your patch was written, to simplfy we just apply the shorten subroutine from the make_manuf wireshark script to the OUI.txt file downloaded in the netdisco-deploy script.

  • Eric A. Miller

    Eric A. Miller - 2014-01-11
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