Misc Log

Commit Date  
[931c88] by Oliver Gorwits Oliver Gorwits

update makefile for git

2013-04-13 11:20:16 Tree
[36ef57] by Oliver Gorwits <>

update scp instructions for snmp-info to sf.net

2011-03-31 09:32:20 Tree
[fcf255] by Oliver Gorwits <>

removed some items which no longer apply (pg @ALL, oui.txt etc)
updated instructions for new SourceForge site tools

2009-10-16 09:22:13 Tree
[3bd100] by Bill Fenner <>

Add a "copy" target for the new sourceforge setup.

2009-06-20 17:26:58 Tree
[5b286e] by Max Baker <>


2009-06-13 01:38:53 Tree
[cddc24] by Bill Fenner <>

Add info about the infrastructure needed to run bugfrob.

2008-06-06 14:59:16 Tree
[5f520c] by Bill Fenner <>

Add Status column, with Status, Resolution, and assigned-to.

2007-10-11 19:19:58 Tree
[06d140] by Bill Fenner <>

Expand out a couple of the steps in the release process.

2006-11-15 07:27:22 Tree
[bc1707] by Bill Fenner <>

Generate a complete HTML file, not just the table wrapper.
Allow the group entry in tracker-map.xml to contain some
HTML to customize the look and feel.

2006-11-14 00:22:51 Tree
[98cab0] by Bill Fenner <>

Fix typo in netdisco/Patches atid

2006-11-13 23:39:13 Tree
[835193] by Eric Miller <>

caps on make manifest

2006-04-07 04:10:31 Tree
[ab5e64] by Bill Fenner <>

Get the netdisco version number without running it.
Get make to exit when you need to do the checkout, and
remind forgetful people like me how to do the checkout.

2006-02-24 22:20:17 Tree
[750572] by Max Baker <>

*** empty log message ***

2006-02-21 20:10:22 Tree
[6e59a5] by Bill Fenner <>

Add border around table and priority column.
Die with a fatal message if we can't figure out the groupid or atid
(instead of creating bogus URLs).

2006-02-18 00:18:56 Tree
[60b9db] by Bill Fenner <>

Move check-cookies from %.xml to all; it was causing the xml to be
re-downloaded every time. If I learn how to make a target be run
but not considered to be out of date, I'll move it back.

2006-02-18 00:17:14 Tree
[05ff4f] by Bill Fenner <>

Fix clean target.
Add check-cookies target to make sure that the adocman cookie isn't
too old.

2006-02-17 22:47:35 Tree
[aba7ae] by Bill Fenner <>

Add atid for netdisco's Patches and Internal trackers.

2006-02-17 20:23:55 Tree
[95e818] by Bill Fenner <>

Initial cut at another view of open bugs via adocman XML export.

2006-02-17 19:56:16 Tree