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Network Tracking Database / News: Recent posts

Network Tracking Database v1.12

Introducing NetDB v1.12 with vastly improved tracking and new features. Highlights include:

  • Multiple authentication credential groups
  • Improved Aruba wireless client tracking including device OS fingerprinting, spatial stream data per client and more
  • Cummulative timers added for mac uptime on each port and total port uptime for better tracking data
  • Tracks individual mac/vlan associations on edge trunk ports (VMWare etc)
  • Correctly identifies voice VLANs for IP Phones
  • VRF name is now displayed in CGI and CLI along with the gateway router for each IP
  • Hung process control to kill zombie scrapers
  • Improved hostprompt matching and general SSH performance improvements... read more
Posted by Jonathan Yantis 2013-10-02

Network Tracking Database v1.11

Introducing the Network Tracking Database (NetDB) v1.11 with improved third-party device support and Neighbor Discovery protocols CDP/LLDP/FDP. Now available as a VM Appliance.

NetDB keeps track of devices on your network and the status of your switch ports over time. You can map devices to your switch ports, locate ports configured for a VLAN and recover unused switchports and static addresses. NetDB has been designed for use by network teams as well as security teams, helpdesk and the end users of any medium to large network, ultimately reducing support issues. It has been tested with almost every Cisco Ethernet switch, is written in Perl and works on most linux and BSD distributions. It's designed for large campus networks and datacenters, but should work in any environment.

Posted by Jonathan Yantis 2013-02-04 Labels: networking security cisco

Network Tracking DB v1.7.3

Introducing NetDB v1.7.3. This release includes many bug fixes and support for new devices:

What's new in v1.7.3:
- Fixed Nexus 7000 ARP Table issues
- Added support for ASA ARP tables
- Added devicefile.csv options forcetelnet and forcessh to override global settings
- Added netdb.conf option use_trunks = DEFAULT
- More netdbscraper fixes and error detection

What's New in v1.7.1:
- Fixed Nexus 7000 mac address issues
- Minor netdbscraper fixes
- Added devicefile.csv options forcetelnet and forcessh to override global settings
- Added netdb.conf option use_trunks = DEFAULT... read more

Posted by Jonathan Yantis 2010-04-30

Network Tracking DB v1.6.3 Minor Release

This is a minor update to fix a timezone issue in the library.

Posted by Jonathan Yantis 2009-07-24

NetDB v1.6.1 Update

Updated NetDB to fix a CentOS/RHEL netcat bug and updated the documentation.

WARNING: If you are using SSH with 12.2(25)SEE code on 3750s/3560s or below, there is an SSH memory leak that will eventually crash your switches. Please make sure you are using 12.2(35) or above on those devices if you plan to use SSH with them.

Posted by Jonathan Yantis 2009-06-30

NetDB v1.6 Release

NetDB v1.6 is available:

What's New in v1.6:
- Added SSH support to scraper scripts with optional telnet fallback support
- Added backup and restore operations to netdbctl
- Added delete methods to
- Added optional NAC registration data to the database (must use Bradford NAC or a custom data source)
- Added mac_format display options to both config files to change the default MAC display format and allow
CLI and CGI override options
- Added quoted CSV file format option to the CLI
- Added support for 6500s running VSS code and NX-OS support for Nexus devices... read more

Posted by Jonathan Yantis 2009-06-25