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Payroll Software - Windows  Based                                                                       
     Complete  Employee History Management
    User Definable Allowances & Deductions
     Various Combination of Pay slip, Salary Register & Wage Register
     Leave Management Module with Auto C/F facility
     Leave Adjustment, Leave Encashment, Leave Ledger & Summary
     Interface with any swap card system
     Inbuilt Attendance Management Module
     Loan Management Module with interest Calculation
     Loan adjustment, EMI Calc & Concessional Loan Interest.
     Loan Tracking from third Party with disbursement.
     Perks calculation on Loan interest 
     Generates multiple types of Statutory Reports
     PF form like Form 3A, 6A, Register, 9, 5, 10, EDLI Report etc.
     Profession Tax From III & Part 1B
     PF, ESIC, & Income Tax Challan Printing
     Events Managements, Transfer, Retirement, Bonus, Gratuity etc.
     Projected/ Actual Final Settlement
    Generates Bank Statement & Text File for integration with Bank
    Generate Text File for Form 3A, 6A & Form 24 (eTDS)
    Journal Entry Printing with Integration with Tally Software
    Arrears and Bonus Calculation
    Income Tax Projection with investment Declared/Made
    Statutory Report of Form 16, Form 24 & Form 12BA
    Monthly Salary Comparison & Reconciliation
    Emailing of Pay slips & Income Tax Projections
    User Friendly Report Writer Utility to generate multiple combination of Reports
    Year Ending Procedure
    User Activities recording System
    Module wise ADD, Modify, Delete, View option
    Cost Calculation per employee wise (Costing)
    Kachha Pakka Register (Official and Actual Salary)

Call for Demo CD ( Rs.250/- Only )
Software Cost : Rs.150/- per employee for first 50 employees
                          Rs.100/- per employee for next 50 employees
                          Rs.50/- per employee for next 50 employees
                          Rs.25/- per employee for next 50 employees
                          Rs.10/- per employee for next all employees
Example : If you have 25 employees in your organization, then cost will be
                 25 *  150 = Rs.3750/- total cost of the software with service & support. 
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