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NetBSD ppbus / News: Recent posts

Updated alpha-release-1-6

The file release alpha-release-1-6 was not compilable (a missing comma)! The diff and tarball have been updated to include the small fix to atppc.c. The files have also been synchronized with the NetBSD-current source.

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-06-16

New file release: alpha-release-1-6

The latest file release is available in the Files section of the project. Read the project's status at for more details.

Notable features: 'atppc' device does not block interrupts as much as it used to (maybe less interferance with other activities), 'lpbb' device added for I2C bus support, 'ppi' and 'lp' devices renamed, and 'lptctl' utility has new capabilities and argument processing(the 'lpt' device has new/different ioctl commands).

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-06-07

Recent Activities

The project's home page has been updated and new commits are in the CVS repository. Please see for details.

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-05-04

New file release: atppc performance improvements

The latest file release is alpha-release-1-5. This release should improve atppc's performance when using ECP/Fast Centronics modes. The CPU utilization while printing will be lower in these mode even if printing speed stays the same (i.e. your printer's own speed is the limiting factor).

The release also includes bug fixes and updates to synch with the NetBSD kernel source. An untested ofisa (Open Firmware ISA) attachment has been added. The PPS device has also been added from the NetBSD source tree.

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-02-02

Project code is being imported in NetBSD!

The project's code seems to be in the process of being imprted into NetBSD! Great news yes, but development will be continuing here as usual. If you try the code in NetBSD current and find bugs, PLEASE cc the developer here or even better file a bug request on the SourceForge project status page:

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-01-26

Copyright/Licensing Information

This project's code is under the BSD license and is copyrighted by the original authors and this author who has made significant changes to the original FreeBSD code. The individual files may have lacked this information explicitly, but the project's home page, SourceForge page, and Freshmeat page all expressed this information. Some individual files did not have the complete copyright/license explicitly included in them, ALTHOUGH THESE FILES WERE LICENSED AS SUCH REGARDLESS. What am I talking about? You can find individual files in the Linux kernel source without the full text of the GPL in them, yet they are all under the GPL.... read more

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-01-26

New file release available: alpha-release-1-4!

This file release adds more attachment options for the atppc device: ACPI, PnP BIOS, ISA PnP, and the PUC PCI device! The release notes have more information and there is new documentation on building for this release:

More details are in the release notes and the project web page.

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-01-16

More 'attachments' for atppc

Additional attachments for the atppc device are being added to the code. Support which is being added includes ACPI and PNPBIOS attachments.
See for details!
Note: you can access new code via CVS until a new file release is available with these changes.

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-01-13

PLIP-capable file release available!

The latest file release (alpha-release-1-3) contains working PLIP support via the 'lp' device. The code is tagged in the CVS repository as well. This is the final result of a round of offline development and commits. Feedback is welcomed.

More details can be found on the project home page:

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2004-01-01

PLIP and other updates

PLIP support has been added to the code in the CVS repository. Linux and FreeBSD protocols are working for ftp transfers and pings! Several manual pages have also been updated.

The web pages have also ben updated with the current project status and HTML versions of the manual pages.

More information on the project web page:

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2003-12-28

CVS is available!

The latest code for netbsd-ppbus is available via CVS. Improvements may be available from CVS, even though a file release has not been made (especially for small bug fixes, additions and other less drastic changes).

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2003-10-14

Changes to File Releases and CVS

File releases 'alpha-release-1-1' and 'alpha-release-1-2' have been updated with new tarballs. The old ones misplaced a directory ('share'): this has been fixed.

The source code should be available via CVS soon: this is imported from the previous repository used for development and will have a history beginning in 2002 for some files.

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2003-09-10

Second File Release for NetBSD-ppbus

A second file release is available from the project group page on The new file release synchronizes the contents of the diff and tarball and adds preliminary support for PLIP.

PLIP is still not working for data transfer though, so you probably should not try much more than 'ifconfig lp0 ....'.

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2003-09-09

PPBUS ported to NetBSD

After a year of on-off work, I have finally ported ppbus to NetBSD. The first file release is available!

In this release (alpha-release-1-1) the following modes are available: standard centronics mode, nibble mode, byte mode, fast centronics mode for printing. ECP, EPP are probed, but only ECP writes _may_ work.

This release has atppc (the chipset driver), ppbus (abstraction layer for parallel port), and lpt (printer driver). All of these drivers are machine independent (currently untested). Included are some manual pages and a utility called lptctl (tarball only).... read more

Posted by Gary Thorpe 2003-08-26