Hi Everyone,

Whenever I save a text file with BBEdit (or TextEdit), it looks like the application is creating a resource fork, and the resource fork files are being created with 000 permissions:

---------- 1 mcampos big   4096 Feb 12 11:31 ._20140212.txt
-rw-r--r-- 1 mcampos big   4635 Feb 12 11:31 20140212.txt
---------- 1 mcampos big    741 Feb 12 11:31 .AppleDouble/._20140212.txt

Once I have 000 perm ._* files then the next time I open the folder in MacOS X the folder contents are shown as being empty, or missing files.  If I chmod 644 the ._* files in UNIX'land, then the "missing files" problem goes away (until ._ files change back to 000 when I save again).

1) Should I be getting both ._* and .AppleDouble/._* files??
2) How do I fix the perm issue?  Any suggestions for where in the code I should look??

I'm running Netatalk 3.0.5 on RHEL 6u4.  The Netatalk share is client-mounted NFS (i.e. I'm mounting a corporate file server, then exporting that with Netatalk).

Thanks for the help - and thanks for Netatalk.

- Max