Clients - OS X 10.6, 10.9
Server - CentOS 6 running Netatalk 3.1.1, AD Domain Member

I've encountered an issue where users cannot write files unless they own the folder or the folder is world writeable.

I'm using ACLs with default ACLs on the server which correctly grant rights, but Finder believes the folders are not writeable and forbids writes. If you use the terminal on OSX, SSH to the server, or access via SMB as the same user, the folders are writeable as expected.

I tried joining one of the machines to AD and setting up the LDAP settings on the netatalk server. This had the improvement that it allowed the client computer to see the correct group permissions in Finder. Running the `groups` command on OS X, showed that the current user is a member of a group that has read/write access, but Finder still states that the folder is read-only and forbids writes.

This has been driving me crazy. I also saw the issue under Netatalk 3.0.2. Any ideas?