I forgot to post this mail to netatalk-admin so post again.

Hi Frank,

please take a look the following debug info.

It seems ``mode'' variable was changed before mkdir. 

netatalk 2.1.1
CentOS 5.5


:DEFAULT: options:upriv,usedots dperm:0775 fperm:0664 umask:002 perm:0664 maccharset:MAC_JAPANESE ea:sys
/local/shared shared 
/local/timemachines TimeMachines

If this problem is only my environment, why this variable was changed??

Jun 07 21:12:29.681834 afpd[17560] {afp_dsi.c:437} (D5:AFPDaemon): <== Start AFP command: AFP_CREATEDIR
Jun 07 21:12:29.681872 afpd[17560] {ad_open.c:1084} (D5:Default): ad_mkdir: creating ad-directory '/local/shared/path/to/afp/new folder' with mode 2777
Jun 07 21:12:29.681902 afpd[17560] {ad_open.c:1088} (D5:Default): ad_mkdir (before mkdir): creating ad-directory '/local/shared/path/to/afp/new folder' with mode 0755

Jun 07 21:12:29.681985 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:550} (D5:CNID): cnid_dbd_add: CNID: 20, name: 'new folder', inode: 0x2e30034, type: 1 (0=file, 1=dir)
Jun 07 21:12:29.682009 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:342} (D7:CNID): transmit: BEGIN
Jun 07 21:12:29.682031 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:302} (D10:CNID): dbd_rpc: BEGIN
Jun 07 21:12:29.682052 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:216} (D10:CNID): send_packet: BEGIN
Jun 07 21:12:29.682075 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:146} (D10:CNID): write_vec: request to write 67 bytes
Jun 07 21:12:29.682117 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:173} (D10:CNID): write_vec: wrote 67 bytes
Jun 07 21:12:29.682140 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:242} (D10:CNID): send_packet: OK
Jun 07 21:12:29.682542 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:331} (D10:CNID): dbd_rpc: END
Jun 07 21:12:29.682571 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:388} (D7:CNID): transmit: END OK
Jun 07 21:12:29.682594 afpd[17560] {cnid_dbd.c:561} (D5:CNID): cnid_dbd_add: got CNID: 84
Jun 07 21:12:29.682641 afpd[17560] {ad_open.c:1388} (D5:Default): ad_open: creating new adouble file: /local/shared/path/to/afp/new folder/./.AppleDouble/.Parent
Jun 07 21:12:29.682672 afpd[17560] {ad_open.c:1084} (D5:Default): ad_mkdir: creating ad-directory '/local/shared/path/to/afp/new folder/./.AppleDouble' with mode 0777
Jun 07 21:12:29.682700 afpd[17560] {ad_open.c:1088} (D5:Default): ad_mkdir (before mkdir): creating ad-directory '/local/shared/path/to/afp/new folder/./.AppleDouble' with mode 0755
Jun 07 21:12:29.682835 afpd[17560] {afp_dsi.c:444} (D5:AFPDaemon): ==> Finished AFP command: AFP_CREATEDIR -> AFP_OK

ad_mkdir( const char *path, int mode)
    int ret;
    int st_invalid;
    struct stat stbuf;

    LOG(log_debug, logtype_default, "ad_mkdir: creating ad-directory '%s/%s' with mode %04o",
        getcwdpath(), path, mode);

    st_invalid = ad_mode_st(path, &mode, &stbuf);
    LOG(log_debug, logtype_default, "ad_mkdir (before mkdir): creating ad-directory '%s/%s' with mode %04o",
        getcwdpath(), path, mode);
    ret = mkdir( path, mode );
    if (ret || st_invalid)
        return ret;
    ad_chown(path, &stbuf);

    return ret;

2010/6/6 Frank Lahm <franklahm@googlemail.com>
2010/6/6 Arne Kaiser <kaiser@macbureau.de>:
> Hi All,
> can anyone confirm that this configuration from the Manual does not give the
> exprected permissions group readable...

I guess you meant "writable".

> .../path/to/volume "Workgroup" options:upriv dperm:0770 fperm:0660

Works for me.

> but
> while this /path/to/volume "Workgroup" options:upriv dperm:770 fperm:660
> works like expected?

Not tested, but should work too. The code uses strtol with a forced
base of 8, so from that both forms are ok.

Cheers, F.!

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