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#494 Success on creating Netatalk 3.0.2 repository


I was having trouble with 3.0.2 - could not 'see' a volume from the Mac client side that I thought I had created on the Fedora side. I guess it was just getting the configuration 'correct enough'.

What I finally did was to copy a directory and files from an existing 2.2 repository on another machine:

log in as root on destination machine
cd to /home/bobg on destination machine (same user name, but different ids..)

rsync -a ExistingRepoMachine:/home/bobg .

Since this is from an old repository, I then used dbd to convert to the new format and I took the opportunity to rewrite the database.

dbd -vtf /home/bobg/macdata

The uncommented lines in the /etc/afp.conf config file are:

[My AFP Volume]
path = /home/bobg/macdata

On the Mac client, it is 'connected as: bobg' - I used the Linux user name and password to log in (giving the NewRepoMachine IP address)

The 'Name' of the repository in the Mac client finder is 'My AFP Volume' and the 'kind' is Sharepoint (same kind as in ExistingRepo)

During the rsync copy, there was a problem and all the directories within the macdata directory were empty. I think this was a low memory problem on the ExistingRepoMachine at the time of the rsync copy.

Just to check if this was indeed a problem, I opened two Mac finder windows, one open to the ExistingRepoMachine macdata directory and the other open on 'My AFP Volume' macdata directory. I chose a directory and copied it over to the new repository. It worked fine. I was able to open up files within that directory after it was copied over.

So far so good. Thanks much.


  •  HAT

    HAT - 2013-02-01

    This is not a bug report???

  • Ralph Böhme

    Ralph Böhme - 2014-01-08
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