#464 "/" in filename broken under classic Mac OS


I am experiencing a problem with netatalk 3.0.1 volumes in my emulators for Mac OS 7.5.5 (AppleShare 3.7.4) and Mac OS 8.1 (AppleShare 3.8.6).

If a file has a slash ("/") in the filename, the filename changes and I can't access the file there anymore. The filename changes such that the "/" turns into a ":", the text before that character is removed, and sometimes text is appended to the filename. For example, if I name a file "abc/meow", it turns into ":meow". Or I had "a/b" turn into ":b" with an unknown character at the end.

When I access the volumes from OS X (10.6), the filenames appear normal, without this problem, and I can access them without trouble.

When I go to the volume's directory on the netatalk host machine, the filenames are as they should be, with "/" replaced with ":", i.e. "abc:meow" and "a:b".

I am using volumes with the new appledouble = ea, but I think I was still having this problem with appledouble = v2. I don't remember it happening in netatalk 2.


  •  HAT

    HAT - 2012-11-26

    This bug occurs not only via AFP2 but via AFP3.
    I did not notice it until now because OS X client converts ":" to "/".

    Probably this cause is in libatalk/unicode/charcnv.c.
    The pull_charset_flags() converts ":" to "/".
    And the push_charset_flags() converts "/" to ":".
    As a result, ":" is still ":".

  • Ralph Böhme

    Ralph Böhme - 2013-01-11
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