Net Activity Viewer 0.1 released

This is the first Net Activity Viewer version.
Net Activity Viewer is a graphical network connections viewer similar in functionality with netstat.

It includes all the basic stuff:
- obtains the list of active network connections (tcp, udp, tcp6, udp6) from the kernel.
- obtains process information for the active network connections (pid, name, command)
- host name retrieval
- automatic refresh
- sorting
- some information filtering
- copy and save facilities
- automatic options state save and restore

That's how it looks:

Here you can get the sources (you need at least gtk 2.8 to compile them):

Here you can get it the ubuntu package (tested on Ubuntu 6.06, 7.04 and 7.10):

Posted by Mihai Varzaru 2007-12-18