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I also tried to send my trap (oid without any additional var-binds as an  SNMPv1 trap and it worked. The problem seems to be sending it as an SNMPv2 trap, SNMPv1 is OK.

As for the sysUpTime, each time I run the command the timeticks value has incremented by the correct amount. However it is not being reset when my Master-Agent is stopped and started. It's as if it's taking the sysUpTIme from somewhere else!

You are right.  I never looked at it that closely before.

It seems that the value is based on the up time of the OS, and not the up time
of the master agent. (I'm not about to reboot my machine to prove it, or to
dive into the source code to find out.)

Technically thats against the specification of sysUpTime that says:

 "The time (in hundredths of a second) since the
 network management portion of the system was last

Perhaps you should file a bug report.