Hi Dave,

I did a -Dread_config and the first few loggings show:

read_config:file: .
Reading configuration c:/net-snmp/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf (1)
read_config:line: .
c:/net-snmp/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf:1 examining: ignoreauthfailure  yes
read_config:line: .
c:/net-snmp/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf:2 examining: disableAuthorization yes
read_config:line: .
c:/net-snmp/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf:3 examining: authCommunity log,execute,net public
read_config:line: .
c:/net-snmp/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf:4 examining: format1    Trap from %B
read_config:line: .
c:/net-snmp/etc/snmp/snmptrapd.conf:5 examining: format2    Trap from %B

So it does read the lines but does not act on it as expected..


On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 10:55 AM, Dave Shield <D.T.Shield@liverpool.ac.uk> wrote:
On 26 August 2011 08:55, Roland Klein Overmeer [GISS]
> I added these entries in the file, restarted the service, send the trap
> again, but I see no difference in the logged results...

Hmmm...   if you've set an explicit logging format in the config file
and that is not being used,  then that would tend to indicate that
the snmptrapd isn't reading the config file.

Two things you can try:

   a)  specify the path to the config file explicitly  (using -c)
   b)  run the snmptrapd command using the debug option  '-Dread_config'
            That will show what config files (and directives)
snmptrapd is actually using