I'm crosscompiling net-snmp for ARM9, and I disabled SNMPv3 support with
--disable-des --disable-privacy --disable-md5 --enable-mini-agent --with-out-mib-modules=snmpv3mib,mibII/vacm --disable-privacy \
      --disable-md5 --without-openssl
when runing ./configure it loads, the default_modules, which loads snmpv3mibs.
Is this normal?  I'm trying to build a minimal agent, and add my mib modules as needed, as I'm not sure if the complete module/package is supported in my target system.

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Subject: Re: Cross-compiling Net-SNMP
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On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 4:32 PM, Leo Lin <hayashi_leo@yahoo.com> wrote:
I have Net-SNMP installed in my PC / Cygwin.  I would like to implement the agent portion and deployed to an ARM9 CPU. 
I figured, in order to cross-compile it, I simply need to change the --CC options on the ./configure() script when building the agent.
My question is: when the agent is built, which files, directories I need to create / copy to my target CPU (ARM9).  At this moment, I'm thinking that snmpd, snmpd.conf.
Once in my target CPU, how it generates traps?  Have a custom source code / script that invokes the snmptrap() command?  if so, I need to copy this binary to my target CPU as well, right?

It depends on how you want to send traps. If you want to be able to send traps from a shell script, you need the snmptrap command. If you are only going to send traps from C code, then you don't need the snmptrap command. Sending traps from C code is possible via one of the functions defined in <net-snmp/agent/agent_trap.h> (see also http://www.net-snmp.org/docs/man/snmp_trap_api.html).