#2376 Agent does not run on AIX along with IBM snmpd

agent (1105)
M. Letap

OS: AIX6.1 TL7
Net-SNMPD: Version: 5.7.1

Running alongside IBM snmpd. I cannot start the agent using a different transport address since the AIX snmpd is already running on udp port 161.
Tried specifying "agentaddress udp:1161" in the snmpd.conf file, but the agent still wants to use "udp:"

Below is the log file entry: It's the same regardless of how I specify the transport and address

Turning on AgentX master support.
Error opening specified endpoint "udp:"
Server Exiting with code 1

Below are all the commands I have tried:

/opt/freeware/sbin/snmpd -p /opt/freeware/config/snmpd.pid -V -Lf /opt/freeware/config/logfile -c /opt/freeware/config/snmpd.conf.TOC -x udp: tcp:1161
/opt/freeware/sbin/snmpd -p /opt/freeware/config/snmpd.pid -V -Lf /opt/freeware/config/logfile -c /opt/freeware/config/snmpd.conf.TOC -x udp:1161 udp:1161
/opt/freeware/sbin/snmpd -p /opt/freeware/config/snmpd.pid -V -Lf /opt/freeware/config/logfile -c /opt/freeware/config/snmpd.conf.TOC tcp:1161


  • blentz

    blentz - 2012-07-14

    For what it's worth, we routinely run Net-SNMP along side AIX snmp and it works just fine. We have it registered with AIX's Subsystem Resource Controller (startsrc / stopsrc) using the following arguments:

    /opt/local/net-snmp/sbin/snmpd -Lf /dev/null -p /opt/local/net-snmp/var/run/snmpd.pid -a -f

    and of course it runs on UDP port 16161

  • M. Letap

    M. Letap - 2012-07-16


    We were able to run the 5.4.1 version of Net-Snmpd on AIX alongside with IBM/AIX snmpd, but after a few cores and issues, we are evaluating 5.7.1. I am considering using the SRC to launch/stop the net-snmpd daemon (thanks for the recommendation).

    However, I still cannot get it to start. I have supplied many variations of the transport, address, and port and it still gives me the following error:

    Error opening specified endpoint "udp:"

    Here are all the ones I have tried:

    Still not getting net-snmpd to start via using the transports specified. I did however, get it to start by killing the IBM/AIX snmpd that was using port 161. It ran just fine. I have no idea why it's not accepting any of the transports/ports I specify.

  • Thomas Anders

    Thomas Anders - 2012-07-16

    Try running with "-DALL" and specifically check how it processes config files and transport addresses.

  • M. Letap

    M. Letap - 2012-07-17


    Thank you for your comments. I should have tried using the -D flag. It would have shown me that there were some configuration files in the /usr/local/etc directory the daemon was referring to. I used the -C flag to restrict it from reading the default configuration files. The daemon is up and running on TCP port 1161. Thanks again.


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