Dominik Klein - 2009-11-19

This seems to be a permission problem. If snmpd is run by root, the problem is gone. In my case, it is run with -u nobody.

When started as nobody with -DmibII/interfaces,9:access:ifcontainer I can see messages like
mibII/interfaces: ETHTOOL_GSET on eth0 failed
mibII/interfaces: SIOCGMIIPHY on eth0 failed

When started as root, these messages are gone and the reported speeds are correct. At least for the physical interfaces. The bridge device still needs manual configuration.

So to sum up:
What I described in the first place never was entirely true.

Run as nobody: Without any interface configuration, the very first query returns good values. As soon as snmpd cycles for the first time (and privileges are dropped), the values for all physical interfaces go wrong. From then, the values stay wrong.
If there is an interface configuration, that value is used and stays correct after the first cycle.

Run as root: Without any interface configuration, the physical device's speed is correct, the bridge speed is wrong. When there is an interface configuration for the bridge, both the physical devices and the bridge device's speed is reported correctly.

Not sure what to set as "status" or "resolution".