Sound Channel/Save State Issues

  • Jason Siedzik

    Jason Siedzik - 2004-08-20

    For some reason, sometimes when I save a game using savestates, the noise channel will stop functioning in that game.  It's happened to me twice now, with Zelda 2: the Adventure of Link and Mega Man 5.  The channel's turned on, and when I try to play the game without loading that savestate, it'll work.  Any idea what's causing it?  Other than that, NO complaints here.

    • odino_

      odino_ - 2005-06-16

      I have something similar when I play Dragon Warrior. After a while the sound of hitting the enemy or getting hit by the enemy is simply gone.

    • odino_

      odino_ - 2005-10-28

      I just had this happen to me again so I tried the latest version (1.21, thanks!) and it says the savestate is corrupt. Are the savestates not compatible with different versions or did 1.09 make glitchy savestates in general? This could be the reason why the sound thing happened. I guess from now on I will start all my NES games with the latest version. Would like to hear from the developers.

      • Martin Freij

        Martin Freij - 2005-10-29

        Yes to both questions. Savestates for version 1.09 and downwards are deprecated and not compatible with newer versions of Nestopia.


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