#7 additional options for code search and codelist


Yep,ANOTHER request from ME!

I want to remove the addresses of the value chosen from the search results (e.g keep every address except ones with the following chosen value) and/or have a minus sign implemented to remove an address from the list,or even an arrow to go down through the search list,the options for more-than/less-than (chosen value) to be added,to also change the search mode using left/right arrows (instead of just touching it) to make searching a lot easier,and finally,allow more codes by enabling extra pages for more codes by touching left/right arrows that replace the last code spot so you have rooms on-screen for it (I keep overflowing the code-list!) LOL XD.

Also,what does the "Map ?" option even do,because It only seems to act like a new search when touching the start option.


  • retroben

    retroben - 2011-07-21

    I really at least hope for extra cheat pages designed similar to the about tab/hotkey config.

  • JoKyR

    JoKyR - 2012-01-20

    I foolishly mentioned this in the forums before I stumbled on the tracker. Here is a list of all the search types I'd like to see:

    • equal to previous value
    • not equal to previous value
    • greater than previous value
    • less than previous value
    • greater than or equal to previous value
    • less than or equal to previous value
    • equal to a specific value
    • not equal to a specific value
    • greater than a specific value
    • less than a specific value
    • greater than or equal to a specific value
    • less than or equal to a specific value
    • increased by a specific value
    • decreased by a specific value

    All your other suggestions are also excellent. To summarize and add in a few of my own:

    • The option to refresh values for all search results
    • The option to remove specific addresses from search results (via a minus sign)
    • The option to scroll through search results
    • The option to search a specific address
    • Left and Right arrows to cycle through search types
    • More pages and/or space for cheat codes

    Thank you so much! I really hope some of these can happen. :)


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