#13 nesds latest causes gurumeditation


nesdes latest caues gurumeditation with nesrom kid icarus don't know why it is doing it but it is. I get gurumeditation and I could attach the screen if you needed it. Im using a clean kid icarus on a dstwo that has had no issues with other emulators thusfar on it.


  • huiming hao

    huiming hao - 2014-08-10

    I have no dstwo card, so the bugs associated with that will be ignored.

  • macarthur

    macarthur - 2014-08-10

    OK I guess I didn't for some reason, but anyway the pevious version 1.3a works just fine so it's clearly something with the latest one. I don't have any other easy way to try to run it unless I try it through desume.

    Edit: OK so it won't run from it, since I don't have any other flash carts to try it with and since it's only with that specific version it just crashes. On desmume it says "device failed", that could be due to desmume not letting you use it.

    And yeah it's just that game apparently. I've tried several other ones and they load fine. have you previously tried to run nesds latest+kid icarus?

    I said dstwo card as it could've been that but since it only happens with that single game I'm leaning towards it being something in the emulator and the game. The game is the NES version not the FDS version.

    Last edit: macarthur 2014-08-10

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