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  • Romain Thouvenin


    I'd like to use an emacs mode to program in nesC. I found one on tinyos mailing-list from David Gay who says bug should be reported to nesc project.

    I don't think it's a bug, but I still need help to solve my problem. When I open a nesc file with emacs, nesc mode loading fails on

       File mode specification error: (void-variable c-C++-comment-start-regexp)

    So it seems there is something wrong with my C++-mode (I am sure I have one). Should I have a specific one ? Or maybe should I add some code im my .emacs ?

    Thanks for your help,
    Romain Thouvenin

  • Adnan Raja

    Adnan Raja - 2012-03-22

    Hi Romain and others,

    I get a similar error in loading nesc.el for Aquamacs emacs in MAC OS.

    Specifically it says that:
    Symbol's value as variable is void:  c-C++-comment-start-regexp

    Any resolution to this error ?



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