#48 Multiple 'components' for a module is not "redefinition"

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Tom Parker

If we specify the same component in multiple components lines in a configuration

e.g two "components Main;" lines

we get the error "redefinition of 'Main'", when it isn't being redefine, but is a duplicate of an earlier definition. Provided that the same name maps to the same module in each case (i.e. no 'x as y' usage, or the same 'y'), I believe this should not be an error.

Under most normal circumstances, this isn't that much of a problem, but when we want to do things like generating parts of a configuration from #define'ed blocks, we have to know what's inside the blocks (which ruins part of their point).


  • David Gay

    David Gay - 2007-11-16

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    This is correct behaviour (see the reference manual), though arguably confusing.

    components X as Y; is technically a definition of Y.
    components X; is a shorthand for components X as X;

    components Main;
    components Main;
    is a redefinition of Main.

  • David Gay

    David Gay - 2007-11-16
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